About Us

Duralay Roads International has been operating worldwide since 1984 in the sole manufacturing and distribution of Duralay soil stabiliser, which produces high quality, durable, low cost roads. We have been appointed for many turnkey and joint venture road construction projects and have used Duralay soil stabiliser in many countries all over the world.

We pride ourselves on the fact that the roads we have built in high rainfall areas in the mountains back in 1985 are still in good condition. Duralay soil stabiliser has been tested with similar products from around the world and has shown best results. Our product can be applied to all kinds of soils; it has proven effective in various climatic conditions.

About The Product

Duralay is a product which will significantly improve quality and reduce costs. It increases the bearing capacity which can be quantified in terms of the California Bearing Ratio. Duralay has shown to be effective in full scale road works as a compaction aid and stabilizer due to its ability to increase the density of the soil forming a “harder” and more permeable layer, therefore creating a more weatherproof road.

By using a combination of Electro-chemical and X-Ray diffraction testing, Duralay is guaranteed to work.This is the main technique for the identification of minerals in soil and crushed rock samples. Although not fully quantitative, it is never the less possible to estimate fairly accurately the amounts of many minerals such as quartz, feldspars, calcite, etc. The work so far has concentrated on the analysis of whole soil samples prepared as random powder. In most samples this preparation procedure does not allow for the identification of specific clay minerals; in many cases their presence can be noted or anticipated from the mineral assemblage which can indicate the stage of weathering the material has attained from work conducted in the field and in the laboratory. Our engineers come from both a chemical and civil engineering background with years of experience using Duralay. We can provide both technical advisory support in the design and planning stages through until field application completion.